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Integrating Your Shadow (Part 2)

November 17th, 2010 4 comments

In an earlier blog I reflected on how to uncover your shadow. The shadow is where your blind spots reside—those parts of yourself of which you are largely unaware, but that influence you from behind the curtain. Today I'll build on the previous theme and explore how to integrate the shadow into awareness. I've found that certain attitudes support the unfolding of this powerful inner work. Three that are especially helpful are compassion, curiosity, and courage.

Compassion: A great deal of power lives in the shadow. So try not to label your shadow as a "bad" thing. It's simply those parts of yourself that you don't yet see clearly. This can encompass everything from your buried talents and dreams to your addictions or personality reactions. Read more…

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Travels in Southern China

November 2nd, 2010 11 comments

Last week I joined a doctor and nurse on a trip to southern China. The purpose of our travels was to deliver health care education to the village of Reshui. (Fun fact: Reshui      is in Hunan Province, which is home to the mountains from Avatar.)

On Sunday we boarded the evening train and settled in for a 19-hour journey. My travel companions included: Gail, a Canadian doctor who has worked extensively in postwar Bosnia and with the Inuit population in northern Canada; Susan, a Chinese nurse who lights up any room; and Susan's father, a retired farmer with wonderful stories about China's culture and history. The train was packed upon arrival. Adults paced the aisles with toddlers. Families huddled around card games and bags of peanuts. Staff members bellowed sales of ivory charms and fake cigarettes. I climbed high into my bed as night     fell and drifted into fitful sleep.

Below is a photo of Beijing West Train Station:   Read more…

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